Innocence Mission:: My Room In The Trees

I had an epiphany while listening to this Innocence Mission album last night. For some time I’ve been turned off by mellow, slow, insular, reflective music. I used to love exactly that, killing myself with things like Ida, Nick Drake, Sophia, my once favorite Red House Painters and anything else that was decent, solitary, and/or obsessed with self-examination. Eventually I realized I enjoyed being depressed and something had to give as I no longer wanted to feel that way. Henceforth I cut all that stuff I loved out, and getting to the point I’m certain there were a couple Innocence Mission records in there.

I’ve had My Room In The Trees around for months and though I knew I’d like it I was reluctant to visit the place I thought it would take me. Much to my pleasure, the album is a mirror lake of beauty with a stunning reflection that far overrides any fear I ever had. Not only am I gonna keep this one near the player, I’m gonna grab me some older Innocence Mission stuff and maybe Ocean Beach while I’m at it. Play it at night with a little buzz to decompress so as to gain a bit of clarity in this dizzying world.  God is love; I need to remember that again.  Man as idol never worked for me anyway.

“God Is Love”
“The Happy Mondays”

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