Jerry Granelli:: 1313

Jerry Granelli drummed in many prominent jazz outfits of the 50s-60s, including the Vince Guaraldi Trio and the Denny Zeitlin Trio. In the early ’60s he led one of the first free jazz bands in America. They did a three month opening spot for Lenny Bruce and went with the Grateful Dead on their first tour of Europe in 1971. A few years later he joined Light Sound Dimension (LSD), later launching the first ever psychedelic light and sound event at the San Francisco Art Museum in 1967. Jerry has also played with legends like Bruce Frisell, Ornette Coleman, Jamie Saft, and Anthony Braxton to name just a few. At 70 he still travels the world playing and teaching new music.

Jerry Granelli’s new album, 1313, is out now on Divorce. All the tracks on 1313 save one were played with no overdubs, and most were done in a single take.

“Wait For The Machine” mp3

SHiH – a gathering of the energy (4:23)
Mallets – notes (7:11)
Hail – non-stop (4:44)

Walking on a road with some bells around your neck (2:53)
Wait for the Machine (3:44)
What Can I Say – Drums (5:35)
Love Song for U (2:02)
A Nice Bunch of Guys (3:31)

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