Sloan talk up The Double Cross

There was a time when Sloan were part of my regular listening. Though its been some time there is cause to break out those old favorites as the band will be releasing a new album on the 10th of May titled The Double Cross. In the words of Jay Ferguson – “I think every band always says of their latest LP, ‘it’s our best yet!’ or perhaps ‘it’s our greatest work since Exile on Main St.’, and then you hear it and you say to yourself, ‘hmm, well, not quite, guys’. Hopefully I’m not joining those ranks, but for this our 10th album, I personally feel it’s up there with my favorites of ours. Short and sweet with unexpected turns down different paths.”

See if you can feel it with a listen to “Follow the Leader”.

1. Follow the Leader
2. The Answer Was You
3. Unkind
4. Shadow of Love
5. She’s Slowing Down Again
6. Green Gardens, Cold Montreal
7. It’s Plain to See
8. Your Daddy Will Do
9. I’ve Gotta Know
10. Beverly Terrace
11. Traces
12. Laying So Low

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