On the subject of subjects

More and more folks are coming to the conclusion that those in charge couldn’t be more removed from the realities of normal everyday people. The powers that be have no restraint with regard to the hysterical language they use to manipulate, and moreover, they perpetually defy their own supposed philosophies. Also, if I remember correctly, two opposing propositions can both be wrong, but they can’t both be right. I think that one has something to do with the law of non-contradiction, but tell it to the politicians.

Det Vackra Livet’s “Viljan” remixed by Dan Lissvik

Kissing Cousins’ “You Bring Me Down” from the Unfortunate End EP

The Glass Canoe’s “First Ideas” from the album,  Chimera

“Realometer” from By Surprise’s album, Mountain Smashers

Get a free download of “Torpedoes On Tuesdays,…” from The Poison Control Center’s upcoming album, Stranger Ballet.

“Less Chat, More Sewing” and “The Fatigues” from New Zealand’s Street Chant and their new album, Means.

“Island on Fire” from Monster Rally.

“Borderline (Hell, I’m The)” from Sutja Gutierrez

“Sacrificial Chumpsucker Diabtribe” from Sad Accordions

“What Was Said” and “River Parade” off Cannons & Clouds’ upcoming EP, June.

“26 Kids From The Suburb (What to say?)” and the video for “Arrows” from The Big Crunch Theory

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