Robert Pollard plans Lord Of The Birdhouse

While a lot of us have many questions about OBL’s death, the usual cast of cheerleaders have already staged their celebrations. We will see if this brings the troops home, makes gas go down, bolsters the dollar, and if this ends the harassment of travelers in airports. Alas, there is good news by way of a new Robert Pollard album, On Lord Of The Birdcage, coming out June 7th.

1. Smashed Middle Finger
2. Aspersion
3. Dunce Codex
4. Garden Smarm
5. You Can’t Challenge Forward Progress
6. In A Circle
7. You Sold Me Quickly
8. The Focus (Burning)
9. Ribbon Of Fat
10. Silence Before Violence
11. Holy Fire
12. Ash Ript Telecopter

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