Prosaic, hardly poetry

This goes out to everyone who has lost their job or seen their finances go down the drain in the last few years. Moreover, in these times of economic crisis isn’t it telling that the only things the gov’t is willing to hold back are programs that affect the elderly. Haven’t heard one thing about ending these costly wars that have no apparent reason or end game.  Those will continue, but the people be damned.  The unbridled manipulation.

“I’m Back” from Bear & Moose
“Letter To A Friend” by Pregnant
“Bones” from Male Bonding
“Act on Impulse” from We Were Promised Jetpacks
“Pineapple Girl” from Mister Heavenly”
“Mr. Polite” from The Jungle Giants
“Derelict” from Sundress
“(You’re Like A) Bad Song” by Trophy Wives
“Wonder Why” from Vetiver

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