Cotton Mather plan Kontiki Deluxe

Austin’s Cotton Mather will reissue its long out-of-print album Kontiki on Valentine’s Day, 2012. The album was originally released in the US in 1997. The two-CD deluxe reissue will include the original album along with four-track demos, acoustic versions and unreleased songs from the period. Robert Harrison of Cotton Mather funded the reissue via a Kickstarter.

listen to “My Before and After”

Disc 1:
01. Camp Hill Rail Operator
02. Homefront Cameo
03. Spin My Wheels
04. My Before and After
05. Private Ruth
06. Vegetable Row
07. Aurora Bori Alice
08. Church of Wilson
09. Lily Dreams On
10. Password
11. Animal Show Drinking Song
12. Prophecy For the Golden Age
13. She’s Only Cool
14. Autumn’s Birds

Disc 2:
01. Homefront Cameo (4-Track)
02. Pine Box Builder #1
03. Camp Hill Rail Operator (Acoustic)
04. Little Star
05. Baby Freeze Queen #1
06. Altar Boy (Live at The Hit Shack)
07. Flying Annie’s Kite
08. Innocent Street (Acoustic)
09. Spin My Wheels (Electric)
10. Church of Wilson (4-Track)
11. Private Ruth (Acoustic)
12. The Gold Gone Days


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