The Young Sinclairs to reissue Indian Winter

Roanoke, VA band The Young Sinclairs have announced the digital reissue of the band’s 2008 LP Indian Winter on February 7th. The album was originally recorded in 2006 through mid 2007 and now here we are in the apocalyptic year. The band features John Thompson, Daniel Cundiff (Eternal Summers), Sean Poff, Jonathan Woods, and Samuel Lunsford. In their five years they have self released several full length LPs, EPs and cassettes.

1. Tribe
2. It’s Real and It’s the End
3. Good Review
4. Keep Them Down
5. Hot Pursuit
6. Magic Bears
7. Small Ceremony
8. Ladder Fake
9. Sun King and the Man
10. Horses and Quilts
11. Indian Winter
12. The Most Impressive

stream the track “Indian Winter” or take in the entire album

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