New Multitudes:: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie

Jay Farrar (Son Volt), Will Johnson (Centro-matic), Anders Parker (Varnaline), and Yim Yames (My Morning Jacket) have come together as New Multitudes to make a rather fine tribute to Woody Guthrie. The album sees Guthrie’s unrecorded lyrics brought to music and life by the hands of these men with attention, detail, and general catchy result. Jay Farrar and Will Johnson easily do my favorite work here but the other stuff holds my attention as well. Rather that ramble on I shall point your ears to “Old L.A.” below.

“Old L.A.”

1: Hoping Machine
2: Fly High
3: My Revolutionary Mind
4: V.D. City
5: Old LA
6: Talking Empty Bed Blues
7: Chorine My Sheba Queen
8: Careless Reckless Love
9: Angel’s Blues
10: No Fear
11: Changing World
12: New Multitudes!/newmultitudes

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