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The Decay of Post Anti-Decadence


“Numb” from Mary Handsome
“I Live Here” from Murals
“Dolly Daydream” by Mellor
“Tonight” from Ashley Shadow
“Weightless” from Mayflower Madame
“Drive” by Pretty Sister
“Reversing” from Takénobu
“Dirty Work” from Swim Team
“Appeals” by Bayonne
“These Words” from mantocliff
“Give Up” from Film School
“Sing” from The Wild Wild
“One Fine Summer Morning” from Britta Phillips

alright now

"Cocoon" from Woodes x Elkkle
 "Another Love" by n. Lannon
  "Occupied" from The Radio Dept.
  "Money Talks" by New Gum Sarn
  "Went Looking for Warren Zevon's Los Angeles" from Lucero
  "Ultimate Talk" from Darling James
 "Josanna" from Wonderbitch
 "Disappear" from Dangermaker

If you weren’t running away there’d be no one chasing you


“Randolph’s Going Home” from Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies
“I Don’t Want To Let You Down” from Sharon Van Etten
“Asleep in the Pine” by Birds of Night
“Flight Risk” by Kinski
“Rooftops” from Sick of Sarah
“Never Gonna Be Young Again” from Doug Burr
“No Exit” from Nightmare Fortress
“Molten Sunset” from Dave Douglas & HIGH RISK Ft. Shigeto
“Honeypot” from Mylets
“Parasol Life” from Life Size Maps

slowing down to go faster


“Somebody Call A Doctor” from Chick Quest
“Lying Eyes” by Monophonics
“Small Fires” by A Troop Of Echoes
“Break Into A Musical” from Freedom Fry
“The Fine Art Of Hanging On” from The Leisure Society
“Missing Monet” by Hey Mandible
“She’s A Witch” from Gengahr

boycott the sun: narratives and conspiracies


“Black Flag” by Du Blonde
“The Devil Got To Go” by The Through & Through Gospel Review
“Genderless” by Outfit
“Did You See” from Running Young
“Reflections” by Django Django
“A Warning of Sorts” from Chirping
“Wild at Heart” from Trans Van Santos
“All Through The Fire, All Through The Rain” from Rosenblume
“Someone Like You” by Winter
“Visionary” Ft. Sirah by Rain Man


the siren & the internationale


“Plastic Love” from Peach Kelli Pop
“Tall Wooden Walls” from Gren Bartley
“Yeah You” by Freedom Fry
“Transponder” from Giant Sand
“Dance, dance, dance” (feat. Sea Oleena) from Saxsyndrum
“Everyone’s Summer Of ’95” from Iron & Wine
“Sincere” by The Zoltars
“Cliffdive” from OOFJ
“Alright” by Tiger High

places faces and things


“Falling From The Sky” (ft. Ben Bridwell) from Calexico
“Sagres” from The Tallest Man On Earth
“Cicada” from Belle Mare
“Nothing But A Heartbeat (Free n Losh remix)” by Say Lou Lou
“Graves” from Roviana Lagoon
“Fresia” from Sofia Kourtesis

a misrememberence


“Sharkbrains” (Skewed Studio Takeout) from The Mary Onettes
“Wedding Pages” by Big Strong Brute
“We’ve Come So Far” from A Place To Bury Strangers
“Pacify” from Jackson Scott
“Moon Bow” by Via Tania
“Too Late” feat. Curtis Harding by Guantanamo Baywatch
“Rituals” from Maribou State



“Dumb Bitch” by Kuzin
“Slow Down Low” from Moon Duo
“Trembling Hands” from Mylets
“Hold On Me” from Radio Birds
“Rotten Backboards” from Ricked Wicky

the line and the dot


“But Does It Work?” from Drug Church
“Mephisto In The Water” from Jenny Hval
“In Between” by SAGE
“Dialogue” from Valise
“Leaf Off / The Cave” from Jose Gonzalez
“STORM O.K.” from Keroscene
“Goldrush” by Yonatan Gat
“The Wall” from Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii
“Ophelia” from Marika Hackman
“Stranger in my head” by The Last 24
“Flotsam and Jetsam” from Macombee & the Absolute Truth
“Inner Smile” from Texas

Tidings:: O’ Come, O’ Come, Emmanuel from Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman offers up her take on the classic Christmas carol “O’ Come, O’ Come, Emmanuel”, also found on It’s Coming on Christmas.

cold cold from the hot


“Bob Fosse Dreams of Napoleon in Leather” by Dan London
“Gone For Too Long” by Adrian Underhill
“A Scene In Between” by Honeymilk
“Big Shot” from Pearls
“All I Really Want” by The Plastics
“Stealing Cars” from Nadine Shah

“Silence” by Pale
“Artless One” from Alasdair Roberts
“Pretend With Me” from Great Spirit
“Walking On Wires” from I Am Snow Angel
“Beach Houses” by LANKS
“Scorpio Moon” by The Tulips
“Walk Along These Rocks With Me” from Snowday
“Intensity of a Star” by City Society
“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” from Front Porch Step

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