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Shag Rock:: “Cold Hands”

Brisbane quintet Shag Rock offer up “Cold Hands” and scenes from the beach.

The Shanks on Surfing The Lexicon

The Shanks on Surfing The Lexicon
While you’re watching the summer dwindle away set your sails with The Shanks new album, Surfing The Lexicon.

Thank You Scientist:: “My Famed Disappearing Act”

The song is found on Thank You Scientist’s Maps Of Non-Existent Places. The newly remastered version of the album comes out via Evil Ink Records on September 30th and is available for pre-order here.

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The Foxery:: “Broken Vessels”

Louisville band The Foxery will be releasing their debut full-length album, Unless, on September 9th.

Stephen Emmer & Glenn Gregory:: “Untouchable”

Stephen Emmer will release the album International Blue on September 16th and there you can also find “Untouchable”.

Babaganouj:: “Bluff”

Brisbane’s Babaganouj offer up “Bluff” for your early week contemplation.

Late Bloomer:: “Dr. Abernathy”

“Dr. Abernathy” is found on Late Bloomer’s second album, Things Change. Ages ago I grew tired of describing things, but I’ve listened this record several times of late.


Big Deal:: “Always Boys”

“Always Boys” is found on the new EP titled Sakura.

Alison May:: “Raft”

“Raft” is found Alison May’s new album, Loved/Dark, available here.

Challenger:: “Science of a Seizure”

“Science of a Seizure” is found on Challenger’s album, Back to Bellevue.

Sunset Valley:: “Smallest Man”

Sunset Valley’s “Smallest Man” is found on the digital anthology, Tropic of Candycorn.

Avi Buffalo:: “So What”

“So What” is from the forthcoming Avi Buffalo album, At Best Cuckold, available September 9th.