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Alison May:: “Raft”

“Raft” is found Alison May’s new album, Loved/Dark, available here.

Challenger:: “Science of a Seizure”

“Science of a Seizure” is found on Challenger’s album, Back to Bellevue.

Sunset Valley:: “Smallest Man”

Sunset Valley’s “Smallest Man” is found on the digital anthology, Tropic of Candycorn.

Avi Buffalo:: “So What”

“So What” is from the forthcoming Avi Buffalo album, At Best Cuckold, available September 9th.

The Tallest Tree:: “Boat”

Take in the video for “Boat” brought to you by The Tallest Tree.

Monica Heldal:: “Boy From The North”

Monica Heldal’s debut album, Boy From The North, makes its stateside debut on September 16th.

Sharon Van Etten:: “Our Love” and dates

Sharon Van Etten’s “Our Love” is found on the new album,  Are We There.


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Mainland:: “Leave the Lights On”

Brooklyn’s Mainland have a new EP titled Shiner.

The Babe Rainbow:: “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest”

Brisbane trio The Babe Rainbow offer up some visual for their new single, “The Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest”.

Kestrels:: “The Moon is Shining Our Way”

“The Moon is Shining” is found on the upcoming EP of the same name.

Dub Thompson:: “Dograces”

Dub Thompson’s album 9 Songs is available here.

Prints Jackson:: Sal Si Puedes