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“Name on a Matchbook” from Springtime Carnivore

“Name on a Matchbook” can be found on Springtime Carnivore’s debut album.

“Yours To Shake” from Greylag

Greylag’s “Yours To Shake” is found on the self-titled album.

Thurston Moore:: “Speak To The Wild”

“Speak To The Wild” is found on Thurston Moore’s new album The Best Day, out tomorrow.

Future Punx:: “Spike Train”

Brooklyn’s Future Punx will release the I’m So Inspired EP on November 11th.

Goat:: “Hide from the Sun”

“Hide From the Sun” is found on GOAT’s new album, Commune, available somewhere here.

Helado Negro:: “I Krill You”

Helado Negro’s “I Krill You” is found on the album, Double Youth, available here.

Algernon Doll:: “Candy Striped”

“Candy Striped” is found on Algernon Doll’s album, Omphalic.

Slim Twig:: “All This Wanting”

Slim Twig will release A Hound At The Hem via DFA Records on Oct. 28th. Also, listen to “Clerical Collar”

Rainy Day Women:: “Mrs Jones”

Rainy Day Women’s debut album Ain’t It Time will be released on October 3rd.

Chancius:: “A Piece of You Wherever I Go”

New York-based Chancius offers up “A Piece of You Wherever I Go” from the new album, Bando.

Cancers:: “Moral Net”

“Moral Net” is found on the new album from Cancers, Fatten the Leeches.

Field Report:: “Home” (Leave the Lights On)

“Home (Leave the Lights On)” is found on Field Report’s forthcoming album, Marigolden, out October 7th on Partisan Records and available for pre-order here.