“I Feel Everything” from WATERS

WATERS’ “I Feel Everything” is found on the new EP, It All Might Be O.K.

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Iconium and March


“Pelican” from New Navy
“Daughters” by We Were Evergreen
“Osama Obama” from Larytta
“Telemetry” from Bella Novela
“Merry Widow” from Olivia Jean
“Our Story (feat Vanbot)” from Boeoes Kaelstigen
“Chinese Trees” from Lake Malawi
“My Love” from Laura Skye
“Space Garbage” by Wet Lungs

Lisa Mitchell:: “Wah Ha”


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The Cairos:: “Row Of Homes”

“Row Of Homes” is found on The Cairos’ album  Dream of Reason.


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Wretch 32:: “6 Words”

Wretch 32’s “6 Words” is taken from his forthcoming album set for release in 2015.


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finding ground against the misdirection


“Twenty//Three” from Jelani Blackman
“You Don’t Know Me Yet” by Cariad Harmon
“Where You’ve Been” by Hideout
“Clerical Collar” by Slim Twig
“Fences” by Magic Bronson
“One Of Us Is Dead” from Anawan
“Thinking About It (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Remix)” from Just Kiddin
“Dark Blonde Rises” from LiVKi
“By The Canal” from Elephant Micah
“Standing In Line” from the Good Graces

Metronomy:: “The Upsetter”

Metronomy’s “The Upsetter” can be found on the band’s fourth album, Love Letters.


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zippos for election day


“I Don’t Care” by IAN
“Into The Fold” from Great Lakes
“The Plunderers and the Pillagers” from Canopies
“Swimming” from Shivery Shakes
“For” from C Duncan
“Wilshire And Fairfax” by Lace Curtains
“Bad Superstition” from Sonny Vincent & Spite

“Promises” from Menage

Toronto trio Menage have a new EP out and available.


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John Conlee:: “Rose Colored Glasses” (Farm Aid ’85)

Election day is here and what could be more appropriate for some than the great country epic, “Rose Colored Glasses”. Come on, you can take them off.


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“Now You Know” from Arca

Arca’s debut album Xen is out today.


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upside begin again


“Coyote Choir” from Pepa Knight
“Charles de Gaulle” from Letts
“Love Stands Still” by Communions
“Frail Flakes” from Wedding Dress
“The People Make The Music” by Skye Steele
“The Dream of You & Me” by Ark Life
“Winter In Your Heart” by Ultimate Painting
“Dad’s Not Home” by The Memories
“Blue Chicago Moon (Demo)” from SONGS: OHIA

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