Flume On Top feat. T.Shirt

As seen below, Flume have a run of U.S. dates beginning later in the summer.

Sat. Aug. 24 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine
Sun. Aug. 25 – Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Festival
Thu. Aug. 29 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos
Fri. Aug. 30 – Victoria, BC @ Sugar Nightclub
Sat. Aug 31 – Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre
Tue. Sep. 3 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
Wed. Sep. 4 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
Thu. Sep. 5 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House
Fri. Sep. 6 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
Sat. Sep. 7 – Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
Sun. Sep. 8 – Boston, MA @ Boston Calling Festival
Mon. Sep. 9 – Montreal, QC @ Telus Theater
Wed. Sep. 11 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
Thu. Sep. 12 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
Fri. Sep. 13 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar
Sat. Sep. 14 – Tochester Hills, MI @ Meadow Brook Music Festival


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Vampire Weekend on “Diane Young”

I was going to shoot for something more obscure, but obscurity is overrated. “Diane Young” is the first video from Vampire Weekend’s latest album, Modern Vampires Of The City, available here.

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Monocle:: “Plastic Beach”

“Plastic Beach” is found on Transpacific Sound Paradise, the second album from Brooklyn-based band Monocle.


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Pure Bathing Culture:: “Pendulum” from Moon Tides

Pure Bathing Culture:: Pendulum from Moon Tides
For your Friday pleasure, Pure Bathing Culture offer up “Pendulum” from their debut full-length record, Moon Tides, out August 20th via Partisan Records.


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Palma Violets:: “Best of Friends” from 180

“Best Of Friends” is found on Palma Violets’ debut album 180, available here.

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Linda Draper:: “Hollow”

“Hollow” is found on Linda Draper’s upcoming album, Edgewise, out next week.


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a bit of faux outrage to go with all the faux compassion

a bit of faux outrage to go with all the faux compassion

“Superfreak” from Howth
“Just Wanted To Help” from Sam Lunsfor
“Dreams Of Cannibalism” from Typhoon
“Devil In The Dark” from City Light
“Open Eye Signal” from John Hopkins
“Water Weight” from Boyfrndz
“Team Spirit” from Lawnmower
“Feba” from Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang
“Falling From You” from 1975
“Murderers On The Inside” from Em George

The Young Sinclairs reissue Chimeys

The Young Sinclairs reissue Chimeys
The Young Sinclairs are set to digitally reissue their 2010 vinyl only release Chimeys via planting seeds records on May 28th. In addition, this summer the band will release a new 7″ single – “Engineer Man” (2013 Single Version) via UK label Market Square Records.

1. Forever After
2. Didn’t You Baby
3. (I Need You) To Be Strong
4. Kidding Yourself
5. Kind Of Soul
6. Have A Home
7. Open One
8. Push Down On You
9. You Can Have Her
10. I’ll Get Even
11. We Spoke Our Minds
12. I’m Not Sorry
13. Future Man

“Didn’t You Baby”

“Didn’t You Baby” (Philly 2010)

young sinclairs

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Tera Melos goes X’ed Out

Tera Melos goes Xed Out
A couple weeks back, Sacramento trio Tera Melos released their new album, X’ed Out, via Sargent House. “Weird Circles” inaugurates the work with a twitchy guitar that proceeds to a wash of seemingly oceanic dynamics. This sets the trajectory for X’ed Out as many of the songs move from the often beautifully sedate to switched on animation, and back and forth. Songs like “Sunburn” standout while delivering a propulsive momentum contained and carried on with what comes across as ornate movements within movements. All in all, X’ed Out is a compelling listen packed with elsewhere tones and emotions seen through well thought out departures, vignettes, and psychic gasps.

“Tropic Lame”


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a hodgepodge of intellectual gambits and a woe to the chaos makers

a hodgepodge of intellectual gambits and a woe to the chaos makers

“Au Pair” from Underground Lovers
“Mermaid’s Revenge” from Turbogeist
“The Time Was Right” from Tone Of Arc
“Human” from Valente
“Manic Saturday” from The Laurels
“Stand in the Sand” from Twin Peaks
“Shoot The Moon” from This is Thunder
“Kowloon” by The Longwalls
“Two Flowers” by Schultz And Forever
“Macro” from RxGibbs
“Honey Hide” from Rice Cultivation Society
“Mr. Hands” from WTCHS
“Ginger” from Georgia’s Horse

Yellowbirds find “Young Men Of Promise”

“Young Men Of Promise” is from Yellowbirds’ new album, Songs From The Vanished Frontier, out May 28th.


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Schultz and Forever:: “Sociopathic Youth”

Schultz And Forever’s “Sociopathic Youth” can be found on the Céline EP.


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