The Rest:: “Who Knows”

“Who Knows” is found on The Rest’s album, SEESAW, available here.

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Lowlakes on Song For Motion

Why write what something sounds like when you can listen for yourself. What do I know anyway? “Song For Motion” is found on the Lowlakes EP.

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The Great American Canyon Band:: “Tumbleweed” from Lost At Sea

The Great American Canyon Band:: Tumbleweed from Lost At Sea
For your Friday troubles, take in the video for “Tumbleweed” from The Great American Canyon Band’s new EP, Lost At Sea.

4/25 – Golden West Cafe – Baltimore, MD w/ Buried Beds
4/46 – Littlefield – Brooklyn, NY w/ Buried Beds
4/27 – Dreamaway Lodge – Beckett, MA w/ Buried Beds
4/28 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA w/ Buried Beds
5/2 – WTMD’s First Thursday w/ The Lone Bellow – Baltimore, MD
5/3 – Thompson House – Newport, KY
5/5 – Audiotree Live – Chicago, IL
5/5 – Schubas – Chicago, IL
5/8 – Big V’s – Minneapolis, MN
5/9 – Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
5/11 – House Show – Fairlfield, IA

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Kopecky Family Band:: “Hope” and some shows

Kopecky Family Band:: Hope and some shows
Kopecky Family Band’s debut album, Kids Raising Kids, has gotten some play around these parts. Take in a video for “Hope” and perhaps one of the many upcoming dates.


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MF/MB/:: “The Worst Dreams”

“The Worst Dreams” is the second single from MF/MB/’s album, Colossus.

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a strange case at Jupiter’s feet

a strange case at Jupiters feet

“Always Eyes” from Suburban Living
“Night Fantasy” from Umberto
“Racecar” from Twin Tigers
“Gucci Mountain” from Standish/Carlyon
“Spider” from The Handsome Family
“So Very Strange” from Ulfur
“Chances Glide” by Monocle
“Face Cancellation” from Corespondents
“G 4 A G” from JJUUJJUU
“The Boat Of The Fragile Mind” from Belle Mare 
“Vacations” from Dead Confederate

Jerry Garcia Band:: “Let Me Roll It” (18 June ’78)

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UFO:: “Love to Love” (live ’80)

UFO’s “Love to Love” can be found many places, like here and here.

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Union Duke bring Bandits & Bridges

Union Duke bring Bandits & Bridges
Toronto band Union Duke recorded their new album, Bandits & Bridges, in a shotgun shack on Lake Ontario. With that serving as a backdrop take in some video of “Fire & The Furs” / “I Don’t Love You”, as well as the album as a whole here.

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Vicky Cryer do “The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering”

“Synthetic Love Of Emotional Engineering” is the title track from Vicky Cryer’s debut album set for release next week. The work features Louis XIV’s Jason Hill along with some friends from Muse, The Killers, Mars Volta, Jamiroquai, and Julian Casablancas.

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Western Medication:: “The Painted World”

Western Medication released their debut seven inch, The Painted World, via Jeffery Drag Records back in January.


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Woody Pines on Rabbits Motel

Woody Pines on Rabbits Motel
If your yearning for a return to rootsy and unequivocally American, Woody Pines new album Rabbits Motel might be just the gesture you’re seeking. The record is said to be inspired by folks including, but not limited to Bill Haley, Leadbelly, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Sam Cook and Doc Watson.

Watch the video below for “Like I Do” and preview the rest of the album here

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