Ian McGlynn:: “O Friends of Mine”

“O Friends of Mine” is found on the record, Now We’re Golden, released back in 2012.


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a less of labcoat and a mourning of spectaculars


“Veaquis” from Nitemoves
“Sheila Put The Knife Down” from Junior Prom
“Rundown” from Pale
“Woodwork” by Marley Carroll
“Come Home America” by Marcus Goldhaber

Arrows Down:: “Smooth Tongue of the Adulteress”

“Smooth Tongue of the Adulteress” brought to you by Arrows Down.

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The Sinking Teeth on “Temporary Living”

The Sinking Teeth’s “Temporary Living” is found on their debut EP, White Water.


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staging the wise and the show


“Broken Arrows” from Tracy Shedd
“Palm Tree” from Bella Vesta
“Love And Affection” from Matt White
“1777” from Russian Circles
“Temperamental” (Feat. Phonte Coleman) from RJD2

Coastal Cities bring “Summer Reign”

High-Wycombe quintet Coastal Cities offer up the video for “Summer Reign” directed by Lucy Anne Watkins with the song available here.

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“Now We Wake Up” from Human Parts

Gainesville’s Human Parts offer up the video for “Now We Wake Up” from the self-titled album available here.

“Cliff and Eli”
“The Rhumble”
“Work on Not Working”


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MINKS at Tides End and elsewhere

MINKS offer up a strong measure of pop, subtle sass, movement, and atmosphere on their latest album, Tides End, released back in August. The record is easily one of my most played of the last couple months and I could tell you more, but what do words mean when no one listens anymore. All that aside, get to business with some music below.

“Everything’s Fine”
“Painted Indian”




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despite all the information they go on with their resuscitations


“I Won’t Be Your Little Secret” from PDA
“My Black Sabbath” from The Limiñanas
“Heaven on Earth” by Fat White Family
“Alaska” (Radio Edit) from Animaux
“Midnight Love” from Rene Lopez
“The Big Hunt” from The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company
“Favorite Feeling” from John Brodeur
“Mambo De Machaguay” by Lucho Neves
“Chameleon” from Jacco Gardner
“Superlove” from Robinson

Useless Eaters:: “Hypertension”

Useless Eaters’ “Hypertension” is the title track to the album found here.

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Until The Ribbon Breaks:: Perspective ft. Homeboy Sandman

“Perspective” ft. Homeboy Sandman is found on the EP, A Taste Of Silver.


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Ruby the Rabbitfoot on Coffee & Honey


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