Twin Peaks:: “Making Breakfast”

“Making Breakfast” is taken from the album, Wild Onion. Find the band on tour somewhere in your world soon.

Thurston Moore:: “Speak To The Wild”

“Speak To The Wild” is found on Thurston Moore’s new album The Best Day, out tomorrow.

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Future Punx:: “Spike Train”

Brooklyn’s Future Punx will release the I’m So Inspired EP on November 11th.

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Goat:: “Hide from the Sun”

“Hide From the Sun” is found on GOAT’s new album, Commune, available somewhere here.

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Carl Barât & The Jackals on “Glory Days”

Without any further cheap come-ons, take in “Glory Days” from Carl Barât and his new band The Jackals

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oh the big backyard


“Ambitions” from Chirping
“Lonely Planet” from Fiction
“Recursive” from Mosaics
“Loom” from Pompeii
“That Old Time Religion” from St. Lenox
“When Puppies Cry” from Tinkerbelles
“Cruisin'” by White Laces

Helado Negro:: “I Krill You”

Helado Negro’s “I Krill You” is found on the album, Double Youth, available here.

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Algernon Doll:: “Candy Striped”

“Candy Striped” is found on Algernon Doll’s album, Omphalic.

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Slim Twig:: “All This Wanting”

Slim Twig will release A Hound At The Hem via DFA Records on Oct. 28th. Also, listen to “Clerical Collar”

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Rainy Day Women:: “Mrs Jones”

Rainy Day Women’s debut album Ain’t It Time will be released on October 3rd.

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Chancius:: “A Piece of You Wherever I Go”

New York-based Chancius offers up “A Piece of You Wherever I Go” from the new album, Bando.

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Cancers:: “Moral Net”

“Moral Net” is found on the new album from Cancers, Fatten the Leeches.

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