Frank Sinatra:: “You And Me”

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Sserpress on “My only friend”

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Johnny & June:: “Help Me Make It Through the Night”

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Ben Zaidi:: “Choose You Twice”


“Choose You Twice”

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Heaven’s Jail on Widow’s Work

“Widow’s Work” is the title track from the upcoming album Heaven’s Jail album slated for May 6th.

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Lionlimb:: Domino

“Domino” is found on Lionlimb’s upcoming debut album, Shoo.

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Meilyr Jones:: Featured Artist

“Featured Artist” is found on Meilyr Jones’ debut album, 2013.

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The Decay of Post Anti-Decadence


“Numb” from Mary Handsome
“I Live Here” from Murals
“Dolly Daydream” by Mellor
“Tonight” from Ashley Shadow
“Weightless” from Mayflower Madame
“Drive” by Pretty Sister
“Reversing” from Takénobu
“Dirty Work” from Swim Team
“Appeals” by Bayonne
“These Words” from mantocliff
“Give Up” from Film School
“Sing” from The Wild Wild
“One Fine Summer Morning” from Britta Phillips

Late Nite Cable:: “All Nite Girl”

New York’s Late Nite Cable offer up the video for their single “All Nite Girl” from the band’s debut EP.

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TW Walsh:: Fundamental Ground

“Fundamental Ground” is found on the album, Fruitless Research.

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Bibio on Feeling

Bibio will release his new album, A Mineral Love, on April 1st.

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Elvis Presley:: “I Just Can’t Help Believin'” (rehearsal)

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