Jasia:: “Safety”

Take in a bit of ambiance and movement with Jasia’s “Safety”.


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places faces and things


“Falling From The Sky” (ft. Ben Bridwell) from Calexico
“Sagres” from The Tallest Man On Earth
“Cicada” from Belle Mare
“Nothing But A Heartbeat (Free n Losh remix)” by Say Lou Lou
“Graves” from Roviana Lagoon
“Fresia” from Sofia Kourtesis

The Rebel Light on “Strangers”

The Rebel Light offer up the video for “Strangers” directed by Spencer Hord.


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“Everyone” from TEES

I was feeling a bit glossy in this weather so here we are with Sydney duo TEES.


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“Straight” from A Place To Bury Strangers

“Straight” is found on A Place To Bury Strangers’ forthcoming album Transfixiation, out tomorrow on Dead Oceans.

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a misrememberence


“Sharkbrains” (Skewed Studio Takeout) from The Mary Onettes
“Wedding Pages” by Big Strong Brute
“We’ve Come So Far” from A Place To Bury Strangers
“Pacify” from Jackson Scott
“Moon Bow” by Via Tania
“Too Late” feat. Curtis Harding by Guantanamo Baywatch
“Rituals” from Maribou State

“Vanishing Man” from The Church

“Vanishing Man” is found on The Church’s latest album Further/Deeper.


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“Dumb Bitch” by Kuzin
“Slow Down Low” from Moon Duo
“Trembling Hands” from Mylets
“Hold On Me” from Radio Birds
“Rotten Backboards” from Ricked Wicky

“Black Pitch” from Deerhoof

“Black Pitch” is found on the album, La Isla Bonita.


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The Switch:: “Don´t Go To Revolver”

For your Thursday contemplation Oslo group The Switch offer up the video for “Don’t Go To Revolver”.


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“Take You Home” from The Tropics

Give some time, if you’d like, for The Tropics.

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the line and the dot


“But Does It Work?” from Drug Church
“Mephisto In The Water” from Jenny Hval
“In Between” by SAGE
“Dialogue” from Valise
“Leaf Off / The Cave” from Jose Gonzalez
“STORM O.K.” from Keroscene
“Goldrush” by Yonatan Gat
“The Wall” from Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii
“Ophelia” from Marika Hackman
“Stranger in my head” by The Last 24
“Flotsam and Jetsam” from Macombee & the Absolute Truth
“Inner Smile” from Texas