Notes::Manchester International Festival to Honor Mark E. Smith

The Fall’s Mark E Smith’s lyrics have inspired a new book Perverted By Language. Smith will be recognized for his lyrics at the Manchester International Festival this summer. The Fall have influenced many a band Smith himself would rather not exist

The Fall have also been added to the Garden Party Lineup.

Artist Spotlight::Herman Dune

For a while now, I’ve been using Herman Dune’s Giant and Not on Top as the soundtracks to my tae-bo workout. They are also great for getting me all jazzed up before I go out on the town, because they seem to always put a big smile on my face. Herman Dune’s simply constructed pop songs prove that complexity is not a necessity in songwriting. I love the harmonies and the call and response chorusus. The lyrics are witty and picturesque. This Summer may be my favorite on Giant. By the light of the moon with the Cohen allusion “my famous raincoat is light and blue”, is another one I put on repeat. It is hard for me to decide whether I like Giant or Not On Top. Giant has so many good songs, but Not On Top may be more perfectly assembled as an entire record.

There are two songs from each record on the player

I Wish That I Could See You Video

Album Notes::Polly Paulusma-Fingers & Thumbs

Polly Paulusma will be releasing her new record Fingers & Thumbs on June 4th on One Little Indian. The album follows in the same vein as her 2004 debut Scissors In My Pocket. Fingers & Thumbs offers up passionate situational songwriting that will certainly engage many listeners. Fingers & Thumbs is a nice continuation of what Polly started with Scissors In My Pocket.

There is an article on the Drive By Truckers in The Daily Texan today. DBT will be playing Antone’s in Austin tonight.
“initially we were much better received outside of the South…” Oh a prophet is never loved in his own hometown

DBT article

Lost, Down, or Needing an Escape

Sometimes certain albums are like best friends. When you are feeling in a particular mood you can count on them to sound the way you feel. Lately I’ve been in the midst of chaos and trying to locate a better place to live in Chapel Hill. Several old standbys have been providing the soundtrack for this less than stellar experience. When I find a new home i’ll be putting a lot more content up, because i’ll have more freedom and peace of mind to make the site more what I envision. So below is a list of some of my favorites for when you are lost, down, far gone, or just needing an escape. They aren’t in any particular order and don’t forget to smile, because as Howard Jones once said, “things can only get better”.

1. Ida-I Know About You
2. Ida-Ten Small Paces
3. Nick Drake- Bryter Layter
4. Red House Painters-Songs For A Blue Guitar
5. Carol King- Tapestry
6. Chris Bell- I am the Cosmos
7. Big Star-Third Sister Lovers
8. Red House Painters-Ocean Beach
I guess I just need to return to that great old book

Album Review: Sea Wolf-Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low

Sea Wolf will be releasing their e.p. Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low May 8th on Dangerbird records. Sea Wolf is the moniker for Los Angeles’ Alex Church and his finely crafted pop songs. The tunes on this e.p. are held up by acoustic guitars, strings, and reserved vocals and beg you to play them over and over. Definitely one of the better things i’ve heard in a while, and The Garden That You Planted is probably my favorite track. I can’t wait to hear more from Sea Wolf, and i’m betting a bunch of other people will feel the same way.

The Garden That You Planted is on the player

Tour Notes::Yacht to open up LCD Soundsystem Tour

Yacht will be opening the LCD Soundsystem tour. Here are a couple of new tracks. Their new record I Believe In You. Your Magic is Real comes out May 8th. It should be a real good listen. If for some reason you haven’t heard LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver, you need to check it out.

Drive-By Truckers::The Dirt Underneath

Well, well, well, I guess change isn’t such a bad thing. If you were anywhere near the Georgia Theatre this weekend for two nights of the Drive-By Truckers’ The Dirt Underneath tour you know exactly what I mean. Acoustic Guitars, Spooner Oldham, Shonna singing some backup and a whole bunch of other goodies for two sold out shows. Patterson and Cooley broke out some new songs which without exageration are evidence that the next album will be one of their best. I know a lot of folks will say these shows were two of the greatest they’ve ever seen. If there was anyone doubting how good this latest incarnation of DBT could possibly be, you can guarantee they are eating crow as I type this. I am only sad that it is over and I won’t be able to make it to Austin this week.

Fridays set list
Bulldozers & Dirt
Two Daughters & A Beautiful Wife (New Patterson Song)
Nine Bullets
Panties in your Purse
The Opening Act
Checkout Time In Vegas (New Cooley Song)
My Sweet Annette
George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues
Gravity’s Gone
Tales Facing Up
Women Without Whiskey
Puttin’ People on the Moon
Encore: Loaded Gun in the Closet
The Sands of Iwo Jima
Where the Devil Don’t Stay
The Living Bubba
Love Like This
Angels & Fuselage

Saturday Night
Bulldozers and Dirt
A Ghost To Most
Runaway Train
Nine Bullets
Panties In Your Purse
Box Of Spiders
Uncle Frank Daddy
Needs A Drink(New Patterson Song)
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife(New Patterson Song)
Sounds Better In The Song
Women Without Whiskey
Gotta Give Pretty Soon
Zip City
The Opening Act
My Sweet Annette
George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues
Putting People On The Moon
E:Tales Facing Up
One Of These Days
The Living Bubba
Lookout Mountain
Checkout Time In Vegas
After The Scene Dies(New Patterson Song)
Shut Up and Get On The Plane
Angels And Fuselage

thanks for the set list. I am much too irresponsible to write these things down

Notes:: "Rage Against The Miami Sound Machine" – More From Coachella 2007

By the time Coachella neared the end of it’s three day festival – which is the time P&S faves Crowded House and The Lemonheads took the stage – many folks were chanting for the reunited Rage Against The Machine – or as Evan Dando would say – “Is that Rage against the Miami Sound machine?”

Crowded House took the mainstage – two acts before Rage would play – to 50 plus rows of screaming 20 year olds and as Neil Finn would later state – “they don’t have a clue who we are…” – during “Don’t Dream It’s Over” a fan threw a full water bottle that ended up hitting Neil’s mic stand (NME reported Neil had mic problems – hardly). It may have been a smarter move on the fests organizers to have the band play at it’s orginal time slot, right before sunset or via a different stage (see Damian Rice’s set – crowd). The rumored Tim Finn appearance never happened – but Neil’s son Liam joined the band for the set playing electric and acousitc guitars and showing some fine acrobatics and dance moves during “Locked Out” – The band also played tracks from the upcoming “Time On Earth” LP due out in the US on July 10th and in the UK on July2. An amazing set of music – maybe not the large show they were hoping, but you can bet we’ll be at one of their shows this summer – where real crowdies are! –

here’s the set list:
When You Come
World Where You Live
Don’t Dream It’s Over
Don’t Stop Now
Fall At Your Feet
Silent House
Private Universe
People Are Like Suns
Something So Strong
Locked Out
Better Be Home Soon

Video: Croweded House Performs RAGE (Pomona, CA 4.27.07) – (YouTube)
Video: “Locked Out” (Pomona, CA 04.27.07) – (YouTube)

The Lemonheads took the stage at about the same time as Rage Against The Machine – Evan dando sporting a construction worker hard hat – the band did a fine set playing back to back tracks from their catalogue – The band even did a cool little snippet of Blondie’s “Dreaming” before launching into “Confetti”. In between playing tracks from their latest s/t released – their latest single “Pittsburgh”“No Backbone” and “lack Gown”. Evan and co. closed the night out with 1993’s “Style”. This three piece of the Lemonheads was smooth and ultra melodic with Dando handling all the guitar duties. Highly recommended to see live – not just nostalgia here…

Set List:Hospital
Great Big No
It’s About Time
No Backbone
Allison’s Starting To Happen
Dreaming / Confetti
My Drug Buddy
Black Gown
It’s A Shame About Ray
Bit Part

Notes:: JAMC Rock Coachella…Oh and Scarlett Too

NME reports the Jesus and Mary Chain may have very well stolen the show for the first day of the 2007 Coachella Festival. The band began their set just before sunset – pretty much sticking to the same set they had played the night before at Pomona’s Glasshouse (see previous post) – which included “Head On”, “Some Candy Talking”, and “Just Like Honey” with Scarlett Johansson – which after the song ended Jim Reid said “Wasn’t that nice?” The band once again played a new track “All Things” before winding things down with “Reverence” – before closing out the evening. The upcoming shows should bring a polished JAMC to NYC in a few weeks time. The Mary Chain are also set to make another appearance on David Letterman… JAMC are back!

Coachella 2007:
Head On Clip Coachella 04.27.07

Pomona, CA:
Video: “Cracking Up” – sort of… (YouTube)

More JAMC:
“Something I Can’t Have” – 1993 Live Later w/ Jools Holland (YouTube)
Video: “Cracking UP” & “I Love Rock And Roll” – 1998 Live Later w/ Jools Holland (YouTube)
Video: “Drop” 1989 – Live Halfway To Paradise (YouTube)
Video: JAMC – 1989 Feature Rapido TV (YouTube)

Notes: JAMC Glass House Gig 4.26.07

Ahh it’s time for more JAMC notes…If you’re not a fan yet, you will be with all the write ups we’ll be doing on the return of Jim and William Reid. According to Some Candy Talking Message board creator Niina Talikka, The Jesus And Mary Chain’s first live performance in just under a decade came with an unreal setlist, which in fact Included Annie Hardy of Giant Drag **NOT** Scarlett Johansson on “Just Like Honey”. From reports via the web many have stated the band made a triumphant return – in classic Mary Chain fashion Jim asks the crowd “happy we’re back?” which is followed by cheers which Reid then replies “Fuck Off” – then turns to Loz Colbert. On a quick note William didn’t sing any songs but it was interesting that Jim sang “Cracking Up”.

Songs included:
Never Understand
Between Planets
Head On Far Gone and Out
Teenage Lust
Blues From a Gun
Cracking Up
Just Like Honey
Happy When It Rains
Some Candy Talking

Video: “Never Understand – Pomona, CA 4.26.07” – Live (YouTube)
Video: “Just Like Honey – Pomona, CA 4.26.07” (Google Video)
Video: “Reverence – Pomona, CA 4.26.07” (LAist)

Tour::The Dirt Underneath

Something about the wrinkle in your forehead tells me there’s a fit about to get thrown

Tonight is the first night of DBT’s The Dirt Underneath tour and it will all be going down at the Georgia Theatre in Athens Georgia. Don’t tell my boss. He thinks i’m going to a wedding. Look for me for photo ops behind the double barrell cannon around 5 A.M.

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