Notes:: JAMC Love Morrisey!

The Jesus & Mary Chain are back! While surfing came across a really short and cool clip with Jim & William Reid of The Jesus And Mary Chain (on Rage TV) introducing a Morrisey video. Check out the clip, it’s from 1995 at the time of the “I Hate Rock & Roll” EP release. Interesting stuff indeed.

Album Review:: Skygreen Leopards "Disciples of California"

The Skygreen Leopards have hit upon something with their latest release “Disciples of California” on JagJaguwar. This record is a bit mellower than their last two records and also simplified, by getting rid of excess orchestration that was cluttering up their sound. It is almost to the point where I feel almost like i’m listening to a different band. “Disciples of California” has an easy going flow that just feels right when i’m in the mood. There aren’t really any songs to designate for your playlists. This is definitly not an album of singles. It might be the soundtrack to your late night barrel fire, or an early morning drive. There are no singles here. This record demands to be listened to straight through, or not at all.

Album Review:: The Hold Steady "Boys And Girls In America" (Goodbye Norma Jean)

First of all, i want to say a fond final farewell to the lovely Ms. Anna Nicole Smith. You had an unusual life. I know some thought of you as their Marilyn. Our prayers and tears go out to those who loved you.

I know it has been out a while, but I just can’t seem to get enough of The Hold Steady’s “Boys and Girls in America” on Vagrant Records. Everytime I listen to this I feel like I need to start sleeping all day and staying up all night again. This truly is the soundrack to a long perilous night on the town repeated for the upteenth time in a row. “Boys and Girls in America”, is even brasher than its predecors and every bit as gritty and great. It is a reminder of the sort of great rock-n-roll tradition we have in here in the states when our bands aren’t being apologetic, mealy mouthed, preachy, or quasi-intellectual.

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