Tom Williams:: “1992” (Live In Plaxtol Church)

Tom Williams’ new mini-album, New Guitar, is out on March 23rd.

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OKO TYGRA:: “Glass Jaw”

Denver’s OKO TYGRA offer up their first release with the Glass Jaw/Plasticine 7″.

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the siren & the internationale


“Plastic Love” from Peach Kelli Pop
“Tall Wooden Walls” from Gren Bartley
“Yeah You” by Freedom Fry
“Transponder” from Giant Sand
“Dance, dance, dance” (feat. Sea Oleena) from Saxsyndrum
“Everyone’s Summer Of ’95” from Iron & Wine
“Sincere” by The Zoltars
“Cliffdive” from OOFJ
“Alright” by Tiger High

“Fremm” from bed.

“Fremm” will be released on March 10th and is the fourth single from bed.

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YES plots Progeny:: Live From Seventy-Two

Being a fan of both YES and live recordings I can’t help but be excited about these upcoming live YES releases from 1972. The work comes in the forms of a Double-Disc, a Triple-LP, and a comprehensive 14-Disc Boxed Set out on May 19th From Rhino.

Track Listing
Disc One
1. Opening (Excerpt From “Firebird Suite”)
2. “Siberian Khatru”
3. “I’ve Seen All Good People”
a. “Your Move”
b. “All Good People”
4. “Heart Of The Sunrise”
5. “Clap/Mood For A Day”
6. “And You And I”
a. “Cord Of Life”
b. “Eclipse”
c. “The Preacher The Teacher”
d. “Apocalypse”

Disc Two
1. “Close To The Edge”
a. “The Solid Time Of Change”
b. “Total Mass Retain”
c. “I Get Up I Get Down”
d. “Seasons Of Man”
2. Excerpts From “The Six Wives Of Henry VIII”
3. “Roundabout”
4. “Yours Is No Disgrace”

Show listing:
October 31, 1972 Toronto, Canada
November 1, 1972 Ottawa, Canada
November 11, 1972 Durham, NC
November 12, 1972 Greensboro, NC
November 14, 1972 Athens, GA
November 15, 1972 Knoxville, TN
November 20, 1972 Uniondale, NY

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for your safety concerns


“Dotted Line” from Bombay Harambee
“Lost U” (Radio Edit) from Rangleklods
“In Time” by Battleships
“Get This Right” from Lilly Hiatt
“Wasps” from And So I Watch You From Afar
“Promised Land” by Beth Bombara

Pills:: “2004”

For your mid-week derangement take in “2004” from Pills.

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signals pathways


“The Holding” by Hillström & Billy
“Love Me Now I’m Dead” by Dan Peters and the Volatyles
“Stormy Kid” from Suddenly Sunshine
“Easy Train” from Carolinabound
“Up And Up And Up” from Robert Pollard
“To All The Fires” by AUXES
“Melting Cassatt” from Cloud
“Find Yourself” from Jacco Gardner
“Home” from The Longwalls

Jasia:: “Safety”

Take in a bit of ambiance and movement with Jasia’s “Safety”.


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places faces and things


“Falling From The Sky” (ft. Ben Bridwell) from Calexico
“Sagres” from The Tallest Man On Earth
“Cicada” from Belle Mare
“Nothing But A Heartbeat (Free n Losh remix)” by Say Lou Lou
“Graves” from Roviana Lagoon
“Fresia” from Sofia Kourtesis

The Rebel Light on “Strangers”

The Rebel Light offer up the video for “Strangers” directed by Spencer Hord.

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“Everyone” from TEES

I was feeling a bit glossy in this weather so here we are with Sydney duo TEES.


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