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Neil Young & Crazy Horse:: “Mideast Vacation” 25 April 1987 Madrid

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse on the road again

Neil Young & Crazy Horse — Young, Billy Talbot, Ralph Molina, and Poncho Sampredo — have a new album titled AMERICANA. Now comes the band’s first tour together since 2004 with Crazy Horse heading across North America beginning October 1st. Fans purchasing their concert tickets online will receive a copy of the brand new CD […]

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse slate Americana

On June 5th Neil Young & Crazy Horse will release Americana, their first album in nine years. Crazy Horse is Billy Talbot, Ralph Molina, Poncho Sampedro, and Neil Young. Americana is a collection of American folk classics as seen in full below. tracklisting: Oh Susannah Clementine Tom Dooley Gallows Pole Get A Job Travel On […]

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Neil Young:: “Here We Are In The Years”

Here We Are In The Years traces Neil Young musical journey from when he first heard Elvis to his eras of country rock, electronic, folk, r’n’b, grunge, etc… The film will be available June 21st on DVD. purchase

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Neil Young:: Le Noise (film)

Watch Neil Young’s Le Noise, a 38-minute black and white film of eight live-in-studio performances of the songs from hise new album of the same name. http://www.neilyoung.com/ http://www.facebook.com/NeilYoung http://www.myspace.com/neilyoung

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Neil Young on Le Noise

Neil Young’s new solo album, Le Noise, is out tomorrow on Reprise Records. It will be available in the usual formats with a CD/DVD portion shot by cinematographer Adam Vollick and featuring eight black and white films of Young performing each song solo on acoustic and electric guitar at Lanois’ home. The Making of Le […]

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